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Paint and Music. Customizing a Guitar.

"I just want your art on my guitar. Go free" these are the words of my client and good friend, Nacho Villalobos, proud owner of such piece now.
A couple notes about it. Each face has its own color palette as well as each individual painting. Tried to go primary colors on front and secondary colors on the back.
Each individual piece has no relation to anything really, it was just me throwing my ideas to mind. EXCEPT the astronaut, which is inspired by a T-shirt Nacho owns. Rockstar in space.
The Sunset is my very first attempt and tribute to my lovely city's sky. Which I've been wanting to paint for such a long time now.
Anyway. It is all acrylics. A LOT OF FUN and time invested here. Around 6 hours per piece (in average)
Hope you guys like it!! My friend did and im very pleased about it!!

Pintura y Música. Personalizando una Guitarra.

Ernesto sin img 0453

Front face

Ernesto sin img 0455

Rear face

Ernesto sin img 0466

Love this kind of adventure's scenarios

Ernesto sin img 0467

Rock in space!!
This astronaut was inspired by my friend's T-Shirt.

Ernesto sin img 0456

Some post WWII fantasy machinery

Ernesto sin img 0460

My very first attempt at sunsets in my city!! i Love Aguascalientes!

Ernesto sin img 0461

Dual Shock 4

Ernesto sin img 0459

The Super Hornet!! F-18 For the win!!

Ernesto sin img 0462

Some Robot

Ernesto sin img 0463

Soldiers in the Snow

Ernesto sin img 0465

This eye.

Ernesto sin img 0474

"For Nacho. Keep growing my friend!"